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Funnies February 6, 2008

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  • After some research, I’ve finally figured out the Garmin Super Bowl Commercial.  If you look closely at the car, you can’t see the driver.  (The punchline being that he is so short that he needs the GPS to help him drive.)
  • Leno:

“Hey, have you heard about this satellite that’s about to fall out of the sky and crash to Earth? It’s like the size of a bus. And they say they don’t know where it’s going to land, they’re just warning us. What are you supposed to do, wear a hat?”

“You know what’s interesting? Even though McCain is the front-runner tomorrow in the big Super Duper Tuesday thing, the other GOP candidates still sniping at each other. You been following this? Romney wants Huckabee to quit. Some think that McCain is too liberal. Others think Romney is too conservative. Remember the good old days when the Republican Party was united against the poor? What happened?”

“Oh, federal researchers say there’s an increase in the number of kids smoking cigarettes. Not teenagers, kids. Isn’t that horrible? And the tobacco companies say they’re doing all they can to prevent kids from smoking. They say they can’t help it if the kids happen to like the new Flintstone Lights.” (source)

  • Letterman:

“Am I right about Mitt Romney? He looks like the guy that would approve your check at a supermarket.

Mitt Romney looks like the piano player at an upscale department store. 

Mitt Romney looks like a guy who winks when he shakes your hand.

Mitt Romney looks like a guy who is married to an over-the-hill actress. 

Mitt Romney looks like a guy who would brag about his cholesterol.

Mitt Romney looks like the owner of the steakhouse who keeps interrupting dinner to find out how things are going.” (source)



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