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Bordering on the Absurd February 14, 2008

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TIME: Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens Israel

In the 30-minute audiotape, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, said to head the Islamic State of Iraq, lashed out at Arab and Palestinian groups — especially the Palestinian Hamas — for failing to liberate the Palestinians.

He also called on Hamas’ military wing, the Al-Qassam Brigades, to break away from the group’s political leadership and liberate Jerusalem, or Al-Quds as the city is called in Arabic.

No photo has ever appeared of al-Baghdadi, whom the U.S. describes as a fictitious character used to give an Iraqi face to an organization dominated by foreigners. The U.S. has said that under interrogation, a top al-Qaeda member revealed that al-Baghdadi’s speeches are read by an actor.

Al-Baghdadi has often echoed the messages of al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, who in his last audiotape on Dec. 29, assured Palestinians that the terror network will expand its holy war, or jihad, to Palestine which it intends to liberate.

Al-Baghdadi called for “opening new fronts to ease the American and Jewish pressure off the Palestinians while bolstering the fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan.” He urged every “working Muslim to spare 2 dollars a month, half of it would go to our Palestinian brothers and the other half to finance other fronts.”

Al-Qaeda is having some serious management issues if they’re being commanded by an overexcited 12-year-old. Pinky and the Brain were less delirious.

Anyone else find it ironic that he wants every Muslim to pay 2 dollars per month? You would think that the Islamic State of Iraq would use its own currency, rather than relying on the American dollar.


Economist: Benazir Bhutto: Her Last Words

Much of this book’s argument has been rehearsed before. Bhutto defends Islam’s liberal, tolerant traditions. The first person to embrace the religion, she points out, was a woman, Bibi Khadijah, later to become the Prophet’s wife. And she debunks as “convenient and simplistic” the notion that Islam and democracy are somehow incompatible. Yet her own political overview of Muslim countries tends also to be rather simplistic.

Bibi Khadijah? For real?


TIME: Who Killed Hizballa’s Terror Master? (Apparently, someone over at TIME is taking the Israelis’ denials a little too seriously.)



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