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Best of the Weekend February 18, 2008

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Egypt makes the front page of the New York Times: “Dreams Stifled, Egypt’s Young Turn to Islamic Fervor”.


The Washington Post has an awesome exposition on the lobbying industry. “Mickey Goes to Washington” looks at Disney’s attempt to garner pull in the nation’s capitol, and is far and away this week’s must read.


From the Los Angeles Times: CIA’s Ambitious Post-9/11 Spy Plan Crumbles: “The agency spent millions setting up bogus firms overseas to snag terrorists, a plan now thought to be ill-conceived.”


The archbishop of Canterbury’s recent remarks concerning Islamic law have been covered by media outlets in an almost tabloid-like manner. “When God and the Law Don’t Square” is a remarkable exception.


Page 2

A mysterious hoaxer has been crashing the earnings conference calls of some big companies. Pepsi Co., Dean Foods Co., and Newell Rubbermaid have all been been targeted by the elusive figure described in this article from the Wall Street Journal.


There’s another curious story in the Wall Street Journal worth looking at – “The Coupon King” relates the tale of Chris Balsiger, a titan of the retail coupon-processing industry, who has been charged with 27 counts of fraud.


After watching the Obama video embedded below, I highly recommend reading “The Charisma Mandate” from the New York Times’ “Week in Review”.



The Washington Post has a really nice piece on Damascus. Be sure to check out the spectacular photo gallery as well.


An article in the International Herald Tribune reveals Morocco’s plans to build six luxury resorts along the Atlantic coast by 2010. The resorts have already attracted quite a bit of foreign interest, in large part due to King Mohammed VI’s $4.4 billion investment in the project.


Just For Fun

Here’s a video of an NPR interview with the Cookie Monster.



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