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Wednesday News February 27, 2008

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The Debate

20th Debate: Reality Show or a Spinoff?

Hillary Rodham Clinton wanted to show that the press is tougher on her than on Barack Obama, and she made her point by citing “Saturday Night Live.”


Clinton and Obama clash over tactics in Ohio showdown.



Page 2

Yemen’s Marginalized Class

Set apart by their African features, the servants of Yemen, known as “Al Akhdam,” form a kind of hereditary caste at the bottom of the country’s social order.


Turkey In Radical Revision of Islamic texts

Turkey is preparing to publish a document that represents a revolutionary reinterpretation of Islam – and a controversial and radical modernisation of the religion.


The conservative radio host Bill Cunningham used Barack Obama’s middle name, Hussein, three times while introducing John McCain.



The American Muslim


Witness to Discrimination: What Would You Do?

Bystanders Turn Away When Muslim Actor Hired By ‘Primetime’ Encounters Hostility


Imam From Va. Mosque Now Thought to Have Aided Al-Qaeda

Intelligence sources say U.S.-born imam worked with terrorist groups after leaving N. Virginia.


Struggling to Squelch an Internet Rumor

The University of Kentucky has been wrestling with a persistent and false e-mail rumor that says the college dropped a course on the Holocaust because of pressure from Muslims.




Will Ferrell Smells Good to Old Spice

Pitchman Will Ferrell manages to hype his new film and the deodorant in one smooth ’70s groove.


Espresso Yourself: Starbucks Takes a Break

The unthinkable happened yesterday: Nearly every Starbucks across the country shut down.


The Advantages of Closing a Few Doors

The next time you’re juggling options — which friend to see, which house to buy, which career to pursue — try asking yourself this question: What would Xiang Yu do?




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