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Sunday News March 2, 2008

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The End of Jihad

Robin Wright argues that there is “a budding culture of change” in the Middle East — and she sets out to document it in this fluent and intelligent book about the future of the region.



Why I Have New Hope for The Mideast

The issue in the Middle East is no longer whether to seek political change. It’s how to make it happen.


We Scream, We Swoon. How Dumb Can We Get?

Women’s foolishness is usually harmless. But it can be so . . . embarrassing.


At the Core of Snowflakes, Bacteria

Moisture must cling to something in order to condense into precipitation, but scientists were surprised to learn how frequently that something is bacteria.


Egyptian businessman Sawiris denies corruption allegations in Italy


World Bank: A whole generation before Egyptians feel fruits of economic reforms


Lebanon somehow chugs along despite instability in its politics and security


Sectarian hostility drives wedge against pan-Muslim Unity


An Obama for France? It won’t happen soon


An American President: My friend, Barack Obama

As the Illinois Senator stands on the brink of the Democratic nomination, Cass R Sunstein, his colleague for 15 years, offers a fascinating insight into what makes this trailblazing politician tick


What I’d Be Talking About if I Were Still Running

Last spring, as the presidential campaign began, there were 10 Republican candidates on the debate stage and eight Democratic ones, each explaining in some detail what he or she would do for America if elected.

The Op-Ed page asked those who have since left the race to describe one issue that is not getting as much attention as it would if they were still out on the trail talking about it. These are responses from eight of them.


Robert Fisk: The gardens of the devil, still sowing death



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