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Monday News March 3, 2008

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Young Entrepreneur Learns Ups and Downs of Building a Web Start-Up

Fahad Hassan created a site to address students’ educational and social needs after being inspired by the movie “Pay It Forward.”


Ohio Muslims Unite Behind Obama

As Ohio prepares to vote on Tuesday for the candidates it would like to see running for the US presidency, Matthew Wells talks to Muslims in Cleveland who are impressed by Barack Obama.


Tapping Into Homes Can Be Pitfall for the Elderly

Reverse mortgages have boomed, but many consumers complain of unethical and high-pressure sales tactics.


Maverick academic Philip Zimbardo says we are all capable of evil. Is he right?

First he devises an experiment that turns peace-loving students into brutal thugs. Then he defends a soldier accused of abuse at Abu Ghraib. Philip Zimbardo explains why his life is dedicated to darkness.


Israelis, Arabs Join to Save Wildlife


How did the Clinton campaign get here?

Just a few months ago, few imagined she’d be struggling to catch up to Obama. But her team has been riddled with feuding and second-guessing at the top.


Treating death as a commodity

A growing industry involves buying, selling and profiting from life insurance.


A Speck of Sunlight Is a Town’s Yearly Alarm Clock

Longyearbyen, a remote settlement in Norway that bills itself as the northernmost town in the world, is eagerly awaiting the return of the sun, which will rise on March 8, the first time since October.


Only a new President can end Gaza’s nightmare


‘SNL’ Writer Narrows the Gap Between Politics and Farce

In an “Saturday Night Live” career that has spanned 27 seasons over 32 years, James Downey has written much of the show’s most enduring political comedy.



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