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This Race Is So Over March 3, 2008

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Hillary Clinton is getting murdered. Bloody murdered. As Frank Rich writes in the New York Times, Clinton has been undone by, “[her] message and rhetorical style, her tone-deaf contempt for Mr. Obama’s cultural appeal, and her complete misreading of just how politically radioactive the war in Iraq remains despite its migration from the front page.”

Clinton’s campaign jumped the shark the moment it decided to go negative and take shots at Obama, rather than to build up her image and emphasize her strengths. The most recent blunder has been her criticism of Obama’s lack of foreign policy experience, culminating in the now infamous “3:00 AM” ad. This has only allowed Obama to beat her over the head with the fact that she voted for the Iraq war, and he didn’t.

Hillary Clinton has become her own worst enemy by making a series political moves that have only served to emphasize Obama’s better qualities. The pinnacle of Clinton’s woes, for example, has been her complete inability to counter Obama’s charm and charisma – which she has responded to by going negative and making a series of biting, acerbic remarks about Obama. (Now she kind of resembles Susie Derkins, that annoying girl from the “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip.) These two clips, from the Iowa debate and from the Texas debate, provide ample proof of the contrast between the two candidates in this regard.

Here is an excerpt from a recent speech by Obama, again demonstrating his charisma. Granted, his discussion of the issues tends to be airy, but at least he doesn’t have an unhealthy obsession with his opponent:

[Hat-tip to MR]

Here is the closest that Hillary has ever been to being even somewhat likable:

Well, there was also this powerful closing after the debate in Texas, but it ended up backfiring mightily. Clinton had been railing in that very debate about how Obama had plagiarized in his “Just Words” speech; after the debate it soon emerged that she had lifted her closing remarks from John Edwards. And just three days later she went on the “Shame on you, Barack Obama” tirade.

But this is why I’m saying that it’s over. This ad for Hillary has been making the rounds recently:

Obama has pretty much everyone in Hollywood endorsing him with a whole host of sharp YouTube videos. And this is the best that the Clinton campaign can do? Things have been so dismal that Saturday Night Live and David Letterman have been compelled to throw her a few lifelines, so distraught are they with the degree to which the Clinton campaign has managed to repulse everyone in the media.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not at all delighting in this. I really wish that they were neck-and-neck, and that they were furiously competing for an electorate which was torn between two really appealing candidates. But the Hillary campaign has simply run itself into the ground. (It’s shocking that she still retains a realistic chance of winning the Democratic nomination.)

And, as Frank Rich points out in the article above, Hillary is trying to define herself as being the candidate of strength, pragmatism, and experience, which would make her very vulnerable to John McCain in the general elections.

Meaning that Obama is no longer just an attractive or an intriguing option. Now he is the only option.



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