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Friday Edition March 7, 2008

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Los Angeles Times columnist Rosa Brooks has written an outstanding open letter to Hillary Clinton. It is by far the best of this election season’s opinion pieces. Now, if she would only write one to Ralph Nader…


The world’s most fearsome weapons trafficker has just been arrested in Thailand. The New York Times Magazine had featured a chilling profile of Victor Bout in its August 2003 issue that’s well worth revisiting. A year prior to the publication of that article, Frontline/World had an episode on the world’s most notorious international weapons dealers, which can be seen here.


The Muslim community in Paterson, NJ has already raised $100,000 for Imam Qatanani’s legal fees as he looks set to resist deportation. The Record also ran an editorial in strong support of the Imam on Wednesday.


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The World’s Billionaires: A Dime a Dozen

The number 13 has long been considered unlucky by superstitious people around the globe. How fitting, then, that Bill Gates’ reign as the world’s richest person ends after his 13th year at the top.


Navigating TV’s Shifting Taste Boundaries

With rules unclear, writers use new tactics to air risqué material.





1. Me - March 9, 2008

Surfing dude…. he die

2. A. Mansour - March 9, 2008


Ibrahim, if you get the website to petition the Qatatani exportation put it up on your blog and forward it to as many e-lists as possible…


3. sara - June 14, 2008

salaam. beemo, is it you?

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