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Wednesday News March 13, 2008

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New York Times: Stand by Yourself

As someone who has stood by her politician husband during his public — and anemic — mea culpa, all I can say is: It’s a personal decision.


New York Times: Woman at the Center of Governor’s Downfall

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, 22, the woman called Kristen in an affidavit describing her rendezvous with Eliot Spitzer, said in an interview, “I just don’t want to be thought of as a monster.”


Los Angeles Times: Wife Puts Troubling Face on the Spitzer Scandal

Watching the governor’s press conference, many wonder, ‘Why does she stay with him?’



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International Herald Tribune: A cellphone with no flips, no folds – just a very low price

Spice Ltd., which is based in Noida, India, has unveiled “the People’s Phone.” The number keys are big and bold. It is chunky and has no color screen – in fact, it has no screen at all.


New York Times: Sex Infections Found in Quarter of Teenage Girls

Rates are particularly high among young African-Americans, according to new federal data.


By the McMaster MSA



1. Esmael - March 13, 2008

“What if somebody tells you that your jokes are lame?”

“I say, their face is lame!”


Very nice 🙂

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