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Friday News March 15, 2008

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Nasir Abbas, Terrorist Defector, Aids Indonesian Police (New York Times)

Once a high-ranking commander in Indonesia’s deadliest terrorist group, Nasir Abas, 38, has been born again as an anti-terrorism activist.


McCain Fears Terrorists in Iraq May Try to Influence U.S. Election (AP)


Investment Banker Becomes Best-Selling Author in India (International Herald Tribune)

Chetan Bhagat began writing comedic novels in Hong Kong and has now become the best-selling English-language novelist in India, acquiring almost cult status with young Indian readers.




Hadia Mubarak: Spitzer Symptomatic of Culture’s Affliction (On Faith)


Robert Fisk: The Cult of the Suicide Bomber (The Independent)

Few players in the ‘war on terror’ are more chilling, or misunderstood, than suicide bombers. Yet the true scale of their grisly activities has never been properly calculated. Five years after the invasion of Iraq, Robert Fisk details the shocking extent of the most widespread campaign of self-liquidation in human history.


A Novel Take on an Ending (Washington Post)

How would a novel about Eliot Spitzer go and what kind of novel would it would be?



New York Times Magazine

Why Shariah? (by Noah Feldman)

Millions of Muslims think Shariah means the rule of law. Could they be right?



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