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Tuesday News March 17, 2008

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Many Voting for Clinton to Boost GOP (Boston Globe)

For a party that loves to hate the Clintons, Republican voters have cast an awful lot of ballots lately for Senator Hillary Clinton. Is it a sudden change of heart? Hardly.


Black Rabbi Reaches Out to Mainstream of His Faith (NYT)

Capers C. Funnye Jr., the first African-American member of the Chicago Board of Rabbis, is on a mission to bridge racial and religious divisions.


An Attack on Tupac Shakur Launched a Hip-Hop War (L.A. Times)

In 1994, Tupac Shakur was ambushed, beaten and shot at the Quad Recording Studios in New York. He insisted that friends of Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs were behind it. New information supports him.


Obama’s Brother in China (NYT)

More needs to be written about Barack Obama’s family because, if he gets the Democratic nomination, you know the Republican attack machine will go after his identity.


An Ottoman Warning for an Indebted America (Financial Times)

As its revenue streams pass into the hands of the autocracies of the Middle East and Asia, America should beware the fate of the debtor empires of the 19th century, writes Niall Ferguson.


Charlie Rose: A Discussion on Eliot Spitzer

Forward to 12:00, and listen to the response by Alan Dershowitz to the first question.



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