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Links of the Week March 22, 2008

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Do you Hulu yet? Well, it’s the link of the year. You can watch a host of recent shows as well as plenty of awesome old ones (i.e. The Practice, News Radio, Conviction). The best part? It’s all legit, courtesy of a few spare commercial interruptions. Brilliant.


If you haven’t seen this blog yet, it has become something of an internet sensation: Stuff White People Like.


Quran Explorer has become my daily refuge at the end of the day. One of the reasons I never listen to the Quran at home is because I don’t know what to do with my eyes (or with the rest of my body) while I’m just sitting there. Here’s the solution. The interface is beautiful, elegant, and – most importantly – very simple. I listen to Shaykh Abdul Basit recite everything, but you’ve got a handful of options.


For those of you who made it out to the “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” Conference in Toronto… remember that Moroccan Qur’an reciter with the ridiculous voice? Here are some clips of Shaykh Abdel-Karim Edghouch off of YouTube: Surat al-Mu’minunSurah NuhSurat al-Imran


SNL clips: Really with Seth and Amy: SpitzerEliot Spitzer Resignation


This Muslim cartoonist is off the hook… here are three of his cartoons that are remarkably sharp: OneTwoThree. The San Fransisco Gate had a profile of the artist, Khalil Bendib, from a few years ago.


30 Error Messages You Never Want to See


Fellow “Law & Order” fans should get a good laugh out of this video. Well done!


Words can’t describe this.


Man, where was I when Brent Barry was tearing up the NBA?


Shaq clears the Phoenix Suns bench. (He dove into the stands in previous games, so no one was taking chances.)


French Arabs turn to rap. And it’s…well, pretty interesting. Listen to some here and here. (The guy is Tunisiano, she’s Zaho.) And just for good measure, here’s Zaho freestyling.


Oh, the wonders of YouTube. This is an awesome clip of Abdel Halim Hafiz refining “Zay al-Hawa” during recital. (You need to listen to this on good speakers or on earphones.)


A writer for Time magazine attended a concert by Lebanese jazz musician Dhafer Youssef and was completely blown away. Read his account here, and listen to a clip of Youssef’s music here.



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