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Monday News March 24, 2008

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Pope Baptizes Famous Muslim Convert (Reuters)

Pope Benedict led the world’s Catholics into Easter on Saturday at a Vatican service where he baptized a Muslim-born convert who is one of Italy’s most famous and controversial journalists.


Sarkozy’s Ex Remarries – with Revenge on the Wedding Menu (Independent)

If the ‘bling-bling’ French President thought this week’s state visit would yield him some decent PR, he forgot about his ex-wife. Her New York nuptials seem to have been designed to overshadow his trip to London.


The Toughest Table in America (Portfolio)

The country’s hardest-to-get reservation isn’t in New York or Los Angeles. Call Talula’s Table, in Pennsylvania horse country, to dine in 2009.


It will take more than one great speech for Obama to reassure some Democrats (International Herald Tribune)

In Senator Barack Obama’s speech on race, he passionately discussed his multiracial background and how unique America was in affording someone like him unlimited opportunity. But it may not work to win over some voters.


Schools Score Big When Sports Teams Win (Associated Press)

Turns out there’s some basis for the long-held belief among college admissions officials that the better their schools’ teams do in high-profile sporting events, the more applications they’ll see.



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